Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Value of Music, to me...

Aight, so I was in ATL a couple of weeks ago for 2 long dreaded WEEKS (horror music plays!) lol. 

All was cool for the most part except I occasionally go off into my "Critical Thinking" mode that sort depresses me for moments at a time. 

Anyway - I was laying across my bed fucking with this itouch that I just purchased before I left home and I was gonna put games on it cuz the joint shifts and shit when I turn it and all that fun innovative stuff :-D.

I got prompted to sign in with my username (Markdef) and password (noneyabitness lol), then I saw my itunes account had $50 in it!!! 

I was syce like shit!!!

So I'm on this whole "purchase cd's" kick, don't bootleg or download illegally although I don't even know what that MEANS to download illegally lmao.

Im browsing through artist such as TI and Young Jeezy who just released albums but I couldnt press "purchase". 

They were only $9.99 but I just KNEW that I wasn't gonna listen to their music and take anything from it ya know?

When I was younger, I was real into artist because I wanted to know how to be myself and be a star like they were in my eyes.

Now tho, due to life experiences and gained testosterone, them days of taking from others and adding it to myself is GYONE!

So, it was actually difficult clicking purchase on the itunes thing.

I didn't purchase nothing but the movie "21" and "Wrong Turn 2".

Now, me being the "Critical Thinker" that I am lead me to believe Im a "hater" or "jealous" of these artist.

Maybe because they are established already, have fans, and money.

or maybe because their music is better than mine, idk. 

So now Im tripping like "damn, wtf is the issue with me joe?"

Fast-forward to now, yesterday I was rearranging my studio and my entire room for that matter when I realized that all the good music is free. 

I actually got an email to my phone from D. Omen saying "Download G*Two new mixtape" that sparked this "Critical Thinker" moment with myself. 

I paused for a sec, got online and went to my gmail account. 

I sent D. Omen an aim thing and was like "send me ya mixtape..."

Indeed he did, and I went on an all-out MANHUNT for the free music thats worth the $9.99 I would've paid for the TI joint or Jeezy.

Nando, D. Omen, Lyriciss, G*Two, Young Doc, X.O., Ra The MC - I put these guys/gals mixtapes on my itouch and let it blast while I resumed cleaning my room/studio. 

I was all excited in the inside (no homo) but it was refreshing feeling! 

I haven't felt this way since..................uhm.............shit, I was a kid admiring the artists on tv like I said earlier.

It was all making sense now!

These people do music because they LoVe it and/or have fun doing it! 

I miss that feeling and sometimes I have to revert to my younger rapping days when it wasnt so serious.

I just did it for the LoVe and the fun of hearing myself say funny shit - like "Sheila" for instance lol

I did it all in fun, but Universal fell in LoVe with it lol. (pushed back til Spring tho lol)

I don't get that out of the TI's and Jeezy's. 

Ya'll may do, but I don't man.

...but I do out of YOU all's music in our lil arena. 

Nando had text me later on that day and was like "son, you listened to it?" sort of wondering what I was gonna think I guess cause Im "Marky" (crowd boo's) lol

I told'em like this, "son, ya'll can do NO WRONG in my book - all ya'll inspire me". 

Im definitely a fan of all this YOUNG independent music thats circulating in our own arena. 

We are keeping each other a float and we don't even know it.

All the Hate I get for being me, rapping, or just cuz Im 43 (post Wale) is crazy because all I do is what I do and thats make music thats cool to listen to and not take a certain way. 

Its like dudes mad cuz I was born or some shit lol. 

Idk, but to all ya'll guys/gals out there in this arena...Im a fan first!

Just know that the breakthrough is gonna come. 

We build each other up, and break each other down. 

Lemme know what you think...



KT said...

hell of a read homie!!! I actually read the whole thing too! (even surprising to me). I feel like that alot of times, i have more local music on shuffle than actual mainstream artists. I think its because i cant really relate to the mainstream lifetime so im not really turned on by it!

Keep bringing us real life homie and you gon keep gettin my support!

Marky said...

yeah man, I want ya'll to live this experience with me.

KT said...

u being there is like me being there...(expect for my black ass still working at the Department of

lady a said...

*wiping away tears* that was beautiful :) You definitely just inspired me... I'll tell you that much. That came straight from the heart! And I have to agree w/ yall about havin more artist from the DMV on my iTunes than major artist. Last album I bought was Solange the day it dropped lol. You a good dude! and as long as you stay true to yourself, you will prevail! I have faith in you!!


The Great Debate comin in Nov!!! (save room for it on your iTouch!)

D. Omen said...

*peers around corner suspiciously*

Marky said...

Fasho KT!!! you on the itouch incase you were wondering...

Lady A - you know I have space in the 8gig!!!

D.Omen - you dumb as hell

KT said...

*gasp* "lil ole me??? gee golly thanks mister"

G*Two said...

Good shit sir, it feels good to know that people are paying attention.
Local talent motivates me to get better. It's ji uplifting.
*takes a kleenex from lady a and blows nose*
Lol @ Omen.
Uhh kt you need to fly me in w/ that dept. of justice job homie it's a recession.

KT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KT said...

aye g*two, you can have my spot when i get signed!!! SOMEBODY GON HAVE ME ON THEIR ROSTER!!! LMAO

damn, we all politicking in Markyland..he gon kick our ass out for non dmv related convo!!! lol...its ur fault Marky, u knew the dmv was gonna network! lol

Anonymous said...

good read. in time i will be signed to. i am one of the best up and coming female rappers. im getting there. in the mean time peep me @


Miss.Xavier said...

Nice. Sometimes I feel the same way all the good music is free. And most of them on my phone is from local artist. But I listen to the beats first then the words.

Keep writing-Critical Thinkers are Cool. LMBO!

KNOWxONE said...

My man! I feel you on "purchasing albums." Albums nowadays are so watered down where there will be like 4 or 5 good tracks, and the rest is garbage. But at least with iTunes, you can purchase what songs YOU like versus copping a whole CD where 70% of the content is shit. I think artists need to put more effort into their albums like how these new / upcoming / newer established artists put into their MIXTAPES. Seriously, recent mixtapes from the past year have more playback value than any album that has come out in the past year. The passion that you guys have is unlike anything I've ever seen in a long time. Good read Marky.

Vages said...

I agree knowxone these mixtapes nowadays are easily better than albums put out by nationally known artist. Marky hit it on the head tho... ppl not havin fun no more, they try to do what they think ppl want to hear, rather than just bein themselves. Shot out to the DMV man... we about to Blow up!!! G*Two stay out the carryout lol.

Stay motivated Marky! RBMG got Love for you all day.

Stay Tuned for The Great Debate (had to do it)

Marky said...

Thats what Im talkin bout!

I AM JASMINE said...

lol @ excited on the inside... no home... interesting blog... it doesnt matter who inspires u... thats a personal opinion for each of us... but never stop searching for people you admire!... niiiiiiice

I AM JASMINE said...


Lyriciss Flowz said...

i read this from my BlackBerry while i was at work last week, and you already know i couldn't comment then. now i'm finally on a CPU (4 straight days of work, open & close stretch schedules...grindin' out here, get me! lol), and these bammas done said everything i was gonna say! and i say "bammas" in the most loving and endearing manner possible lol. so all i'll say man.

Peace & Hip-Hop

Nae Nae said...


i am super late on commenting in this shit but ths is so wonderful of you to speak upon.

p.s. thanks for making a blog!!!

FaMe said...

check out that Mighty Infamous' The Waiting Room on in the mixtape section

That's a good look right there.

You might want to check it out before you guys do the DC to BX collab lol

Landova Dappa said...

Word to that man! I feel like I'm more of a fan of our own music than Industry joints too. Matter fact i started feeling that way listening to that G*Two joint on some ironic shiznitty. lol... I guess i relate to others who from my same BG more or sumthin' but just keep crankin' and i'm on it!