Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where you been Mark?

YO! Its been a CRAZY start to this new year...forgive my M.I.A-ness :o)

Well, the status on me is that Im "waiting" for my date to go present my singles to Universal.

Big UPS to Lil'Weezy for them 4 Grams (Grammy's) the other night. He's a fellow label-mate of mine at Universal so that most inspiring to me. (The leap he did was funny)

Yeah - the industry insiders are all shady, in my opinion. 

People do "Sale" dreams, just to "Charge" for help. Its super shady man lol

But - see the thing is that we're young. Youth will always give us "up-and-coming", the upper hand in this Poker/Chess game with the industry. No matter what industry you're in.
I've realized that no matter 
how much money a person has or fame or ego, they'll ALWAYS be the same "jealous, shady, funny-acting, nice, good-willing, etc" person they are. 

We all know, and say, money changes people. But it changes your address and habits lol

I'm at peace with anger - I been at peace with anger and frustration for a minute now. Im good in my space.

I have a wonderful life and an even more prosperous life ahead of me promised by God.

I know longer trip off of what's not happening, what is happening, or what COULD POSSIBLY be happening. The realization of it all is that my destiny is ultimately in Gods' hands. Thats who got me as far as I am, not an individual(s).

With that said...AB got "Producers Credit"  coming March 3rd.  Support his music 
and his vision. He mastered crafted this piece of art from scratch. My bruh!

Watch what I do.

Markdef spoke.


DJ Torkaveli said...

"Yeah - the industry insiders are all shady, in my opinion.

People do "Sale" dreams, just to "Charge" for help. Its super shady man lol"

That's the realest talk I heard in 2009

Marky said...

I know man. Its true. Its hard to find good in people.

Lyriciss Flowz said...

my man, glad to see you back on ya shit. we still gotta get up soon. holla at me.

Peace & Hip-Hop

KT said...

thanks for the update on ur status homie! u can credit the folks around you but in the end it was all god! lol

$$$ZOE$$$ said...

keep on your steady grind cuzzo ... timing is everything and wit so many different new artist breaking and not blowing i got a feeling when yuou break u can really become a staple artist so patiently wait ur time to command is near kill


Marky said...

I appreciate that Zoe. Thats real man. It is timing and I believe whats mine is mine no matter what.