Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marky - "FULL CLIP"




I was already planning to do this beat.. then the unthinkable happened. R.I.P Guru!

I felt like it was only right to pay homage and talk some sh** at the sametime!

Straight off of "Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2" presented by DjBooth x KevinNottingham!

Enjoy and relax.



dboi said...

Hey man I am co owner of this music blog which we use to promote artist we love and just good music plain and simple

you are on here a few times and I also follow you on Blogger peep this link of what we have said about ya so far ---->


I also wanted to know if you could hook our site up the link to REST STOP 2 whenever you finish that project props and keep doing ya think manee peace!

Marky said...

Thanks for the support - I'll def keep you informed with everything.

shoot me your email.