Monday, December 13, 2010

Marky's Radio Promo Tour - VA-DC (12/9/10-12/11/10)

Leaving back out was such a surprise to me! I mean - not a surprise but it just came so quick. I celebrated my birthday on the 7th, so I only had Wed (Dec 8th) to recuperate from all of the running around prior. Since we were leaving early Thurs morning, I wasn't going to be able to get my EPK's pressed in time by the label. But me being me, I know how to get the job DONE! I succeeded in doing so.

Ali and Jay were leaving NY around 9/10am in route to DC to pick me up. That same morning I had to run to the Apple Store and Staples, then BACK home to get ready lol. We met up at a BestBuy and proceeded to Richmond, VA. There we met with DJ Lonnie B, DJ Flava, and A-Plus of Power 92.1. They really were feeling the record "Applaud" and my story on how I came to be. They were cool guys. After we left the station, we headed to Famous Dave's and just laughed and joked around. There, DJ Footz and Big Nat joined the party. We then headed to my boy DJ Gemini spot where we kicked back for a min and watched Gem tear "Applaud" to shreds! He was cutting that record with a KNIFE! lol He was DJ'ing at some spot in VA not too far from DC.

The next day we left for Norfolk, VA. I absolutely love the view/feeling when entering Norfolk. There's water on both sides of the bridge and it's just so breeeeeezy! We went straight to Ruby Tuesday's where we sat with DJ Radio Raheem, DJ Karee, & Ron Stewart (Interscope Records) joined us. I already had the chance to meet DJ Radio Raheem earlier this year with my homie Webstar on his promo run. I haven't had Ruby Tuesday's in awhile so I was excited about that lol. We discussed the current state of music and how the game is changing at a rapid rate. Good time.

We proceeded to 103 JAMZ where both DJ Karee and DJ Radio Raheem works. In the parking lot I met this production click called "Profound Sounds". They were dope! Upon entering the station, I met DJ Fountz. He was actually on air so we just crashed his show somewhat lol. He was a cool guy, funny guy too. He liked the "Applaud" record and threw it into his mix. We then did a nice interview to enlighten his listeners on who I am and what I'm about. I appreciated that.

That night, we went to party with DJ Babey Drew of 103 JAMZ at his spot that he DJ's. That was real cool. He played "Applaud" while the dance floor was crazy and the ppl reacted as if they heard it before. It seems like ppl like to be told what to do in hks (ie "drop it to the floor" etc) lol. I have this new infatuation with hearing my song in the club! fyi.

The next day in the afternoon, we set sail for Washington DC. I honestly didn't know what to expect because I've been at them stations so many times that I figured I'd go gray O_o. I was glad to see that we were scheduled to meet with DJ Nina 9 of the HipHop Nation show on XM/Serius Radio. I did a cpl drops and we kicked it for a sec in the studio. From there, we went to check in at the hotel and got prepared for that nights events. We met up with DJ Alizay at Recess where it was jammed pack! Zay had the place rockin'! He dropped and "Applaud" and again, the reaction was niiiiiiiiiice. Some ppl were even clapping to the hk and mouthing the words. Good feeling.

I'm thankful that I'm ending the year off strong! I started it that way, so it's only right I finish it that way. I have steam headed into the top of the new year. There will be no stopping this train! The music is great, done, and finished. My entire outfit is strong. I refuse to let the negativity play inside my Arena. However, I will say this - "I'm overcharging n****'s for what they did to the Cold Crush." - Jigga :)



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