Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Debut Single "Applaud" from MARKYLAND, USA

I think that over the past couple of years I have displayed versatility, perseverance, class, quality, confidence, and a true appreciation for the culture and well-being of Hip-Hop as we know it. My journey is unlike any other (respectively), but I mean seriously, unlike ANY other. I been doing this since I was 11. I worked with Erick Sermon at 14, Big Daddy Kane at 16, signed to The Trackboyz (out of St. Louis - did J. Kwon's "Tipsy" & Nelly's "Air Force One's") at 17, had meetings with every Major label throughout, slept outside of the buildings waiting on meetings, jumped on tables, and the whole 9. Personally, I feel these stories are not a part of anyone's grind these days. When the music game changed and went completely viral - It was made as if my struggle up until that point meant NOTHING now because of that change. It went from 'How many people have you shot or drugs you sold?' to 'How many friends do you have on myspace?' My struggle looked me back in the face and said, "Marky, welcome to the music business."

'Applaud' came about while I was actually trying to get another song played locally in a DC nightclub. I was invited out to meet with this particular DJ at this new spot that opened up. I normally don't go out that much, but I decided to go and just observe what made people feel good while in these clubs. I was evaluating my culture of people and gauging their response to the first 4 measures of each song that would play since that's how they research songs at radio. One thing I realized is that a good cadence and heavy beat of any sort could grab people's attention instantly in the club. The particular song I had at the time was definitely not that. It was a great record - it just wasn't the right record. I remember thinking to myself that in order to be accepted around the globe, I must first be accepted by my own. I wanted something that was catchy, not too cliche, but bumpin', and most of all FUN! For some reason, EVERYBODY (no matter the nationality, spirituality, or race) do a "bop" once a song come on that they like or have this certain bounce to it. I also noticed that every guy became the song that was then playing at that time! So every guy was "Big Meech" when that came on, and so forth lol. This is all the idea of "APPLAUD" to me. Ladies can dance to it, fellas can Applaud them ;). But seriously, it's that feeling of being THE MAN in the club and YOUR record comes on! Our inner most celebrity desires! To be THAT GUY for the duration of THAT ONE SONG that makes you nod your head like "yeeeeeah sucka! Im doing big things!!!" It's a feeling that's damn near too hard to describe. I just know it all too well lol, secretly. Don't we all?

Produced by The Beastaz out of St. Louis - I knew that they could pull off exactly what I had visioned from that night out. Thanks to my experience in the MidWest and being from DC - I was able to pull off a perfect club record with "a little bit of this and a little bit of that". Each and every record I do is all a part of me. I'm just bringing you guys into who I am. Very complex in my core, yet easily understood upfront. My album MARKYLAND, USA will explain it all. I'm conscious that I represent the culture and ethics of hip-hop, and what it stands for globally & domestically. I'm trying to build a very lengthy career and TODAY is Day 1!

Thanks for being a part of history.

- Marky

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