Thursday, November 6, 2008

iObama...wanna know what FUXX me up? ("FUXX ME UP" MOMENT #1)

President Marcus Plater...shit is SO possible now!

Thanks Barack Obama!

moving right along, check this out - we're all excited about this ONCE in a lifetime accomplishment that we lived, witnessed, and FOR DAMN SURE were/are apart of.

but wanna know what "FUXX ME UP"?

...when we act like we live righteous and/or uphold the same values, in this case, of our President Elect.

Like, I sit back and listen to people and observe them in my "Critical Thinker" mannerisms and be like " PLEASE with all that shit you talkin"

Its like we're in church and all of a sudden you actin like you don't curse and shit.

I be thinkin in my head like man, "I KNOW YOU! Stop fakin"

Nothing good comes from that I don't think and if it does, then that's not the good Im referring to.

I despise that!

Its almost like when a person passes away and its always these mu'fuggas who SWEAR they knew the person who died.

awww man that KILLS ME!!!

It gives me this distasteful taste in my mouth and stomach. 

It takes away from the occasion to me, makes me not as excited (in this case of the Presidency).

Im still rather elated that Barack won because I actually followed the campaign and feel as if, not only that my vote made a difference, but my very first time voting was for a Black Man.

Enough said there.

I really wanna say names and shit...but its a lost cause -shrugs-

Keep working hard peoples - Good things happen to good people

Not those who pretend, and believe me - there are a TON of them...right up under our nose

I can "smell" the bullshit from here. *sniff sniff*


pronounced kM, duh. said...

May I repeat, "First time voting was for a BLACK MAN."

The same goes for a lot of us, myself included & it is fucking AWESOME! I'm STILL happy-go-lucky..

lady a said...

My first time voting too!

KNOWxONE said...

I feel you, I'm surrounded by people like that out here. It's horrible so I'm finna go into social remission here - that and the other thing I got going on. I need to get off this island. What up though?!

Marky said...


Nae Nae said...

YESSS!!! i agree totally. lol my frist time voting... and i voted for the back man who won!

feels good feels great..

B. said...

Hahaha...Kid you are so right on that...I see people fakin' like that all the time. One of the good things to come out of it is that it has actually motivated some people to change and smarten' up...

Thrilla Nilla said...

I really couldn't have put that better myself.
I really do hate when someone passes away and all of the sudden the person who sat behind them in biology was their best friend of all time.
Oh, and Obama will be an amazing president regardless of his skin color.

Lyriciss Flowz said...

that's people for you, man. if something happens and enough people are a part of it, THEY'RE going to want to be a part of it. sometimes it's flattering...sometimes it's sad. so be it, gotta let them be them. i personally feel like if people are happy about Obama winning, good. now they need to realize this is just the beginning. the fight is far from over. now we gotta make sure Obama does his job.

Peace & Hip-Hop

santinog. said...

Just got put on too your music via knowXone's blog, you seem real down to earth and level headed and I respect that. I swear I'm the exact same way with that critical thinker shit lol. As for people following the obama trend, it's crazy. I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia and you should've seen how many people had something Obama related in there facebook names. It was wild cause I know atleast half these people don't know jack about the man and they are just following what they've seen in the media and all that but meh, i guess you can't blame them for following the crowd. Not everyone is a born leader.

I followed your election from the beginning, and I've known about Obama since Common said on the Remix of that Jadakiss track "why is Bush actin like he tryna get Osama. why don't we impeach him, and elect Obama!" after I heard that my curiosity was sparked and I found out about Obama and as they say... the rest is history, literally lol.

keep the updates commin & holla back.

Lysha B. said...

geez i thought i was onlii one who HATES when someone dies and ppl swear up and down they knew em..

that's the wackest of the wackest..

but anywho..
My first time voting too
He's the MAN..