Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Negativity in your space...

11.19.08 Blog Post from Marky on Vimeo.

By now ya'll know Im a "Critical Thinker" - thats stamped.

I feel like this is my gift and curse ya know?

For example...*clears throat*... when communication fails and things seem slow at times, Im guessing our minds wander off and WE ALL get in the "Critical Thinker" mode, right?

Well, I feel like majority of the times I PERSONALLY go in overdrive with it lol.

Not a bad thing tho - but sometimes when things don't work out and you feel as tho you're not in a good space mentally for the moment, this "overdrive" can become a CANCER...called STRESS.

I believe that stress is a performance hinderance, and can make things and/or events, aswell as people, appear different than what they are.

You feel me?...

Like, it can lead to irrational decisions and thoughts. 

The type of person I am - I don't act off emotions.

Granted. Im human - I can only bare so much but my person is not of that stature.

I take things in (good and bad) and process it "Critically".

KB told me that "sometimes you take on things much greater than you have to at the moment but thats just the leader you are on the inside."

I believe I take on think too hard and long on things that aren't even worth my thoughts.

Do you guys do this sometimes too? Im just wondering, I wanna know if Im alone in this lol

I was listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show yesterday NO monday morning and he opened the show talking about when you're reaching for a goal MUCH GREATER than any typical normal goal, your trials and tribulations are MUCH GREATER as well.

Sometimes we, as artist/entrepreneurs/actors/etc, need to hear these inspirational messages.

Steve went on to say that God is waiting for you to ask him for his helping hand.

He said that people with little problems like "man, I need that $5 for gas..." aren't on that level of understanding the bigger picture at hand, not only yours but even their own. tisk tisk tisk

I agree totally.

And, we all in one way or another live above our means...but get this, working hard can be mistaken for struggling when thats not the case.

When you're working hard for something and you live LiFe to the most UMPH DEGREE possible, you aren't struggling - but rather fulfilling your life and living the bigger picture in real-time.

Sometimes its hard for me to appreciate my record deal cuz I want so much more.

I MOST DEF appreciate it but I think I forget where I was 6 months ago at times due to whats NOT happening and blazay blah...

I also understand there is NOTHING wrong with me wanting to achieve so much more post the deal.

I just cannot allow what seems to be NOT happening, become negativity in my space which becomes a cancer to my performance.

But when I look around me, I realize how blessed I am to be in my position.

So although I may sometimes be in my "Critical Thinker" mode at times, I have to keep my sights set at the BIGGER PICTURE!


They say a picture is worth a million words...

then shit, I vision a movie - my journey in my mind is so profound and its own visionary, I don't think I could express it via song or blog.

Lastnight I was having a heart to heart with my grandma (mama) and after hearing me tell her my bit on my future and plans, she told me, "I bet make God laugh alot." Im like "...wuhh?" lol

She says, "yeah, you make him laugh by telling him YOUR plans when he already have a plan for you FAR BEYOND you can fathom in your wildest and most extreme dream or fantasy."


She's right tho...who the hell I think I am lol

If you wanna make God laugh, tell him YOUR plan for you lol. 

I truly believe my path, and yours, is already laid out for us - we're just walking it. 

We think we have it all figured out and al that good stuff, atleast I do sometimes but we have to remember these things. Let GO and Let GOD.

Thats why there is no need for hating on one another because you can only be who you are at the end of the day and your path is already laid out for you.

So if somebody else wins the contest and not you - it wasn't meant for you to win.

God doesn't make mistakes. 

Just believe that and say that to yourself when you feel down and out - it'll restore the feeling of comfort 1,000,000,000% gauranteed

what ya'll think?


Sandra G. said...

"I agree totally" LOL.
This was very enlightening Markdef.
This was probably my something new I needed to learn today. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

This was well spoken MarkDef. How old are you???? So many people need to hear this message and on all levels - this was deep. They say that some poeple are not cut out for success (i.e. Katt Williams) they say that once these poeple take on the new lives that money provides - they can't handle it and loose their minds... but I truly believe that you are DIFFERENT. God does have a plan for you - you are different - you give a new ray of hope and someone worth following.

Much success to you!

Mo Betta said...

Aye Marky foreal son how old are you? If you say anything under 30 it's your industry age. Cause the rhetoric your bestowing is a few years beyond your time.

Your grandma is a wise lady, and I see your smart enough to listen, yeah our lives are predetermined and predestined. You are alread on a collision course with greatness, now you can mess up and put yourself on a detour and vere off the path but just like being lost on a road trip..GOD is Rand Mcnally all your have to do is ask for direction ya dig?

*stops for a second and sings*


you got me bout to write another gospel track, but real talk son to a certain degree we do control our life, i mean we make decisions that's the manifest destiny aspect of it. but ultimately God is the creator and finisher of our fate...

i'm out cause you got me in here preaching!

Marky said...

Yeah man, lol

I feel you tho! I appreciate the LoVe Mo!

KT said...

I feel you. Me being an artist 1st, there is all kinds of things that I think I should be doing but I'm sure there is a reason it hasn't happened yet and it can be stressing. But like u said, not letting that "stress" become a cancer in ur creativitity or positive workspace is sometimes difficult. I'm not sure if you were looking for opinions on how to deal with it or if you just wanted an ear but I normally just rely on reality and try to stretch that as far as possible. Meaning what ever I can do right now imma do it at 1000% until I get more to work on. Pretty much master everything you can until you're presented with more obstacles.

Anonymous said...

Well I agree with you somewhat, but to me the issue is more scientific than religious. I'm agnostic which means I don't have any proof of god's existence and remain a skeptic. However I'm not dismissing the idea that we have a set path. The way a person naturally experiences life is through time and common sense makes one believe that they could choose their own path. On the other hand we were raised with the idea of a higher power that controls us. Now some may call it god, and even I have no problem calling it that but my idea of god has less to do with the common idea of a god in our image. To me god has no image. It's the life force that controls everything. So what your grandma said has a lot of truth to it because time is warped. We can measure time, and experience free will but we do not have a proof such a thing exists. In the world of Chemistry and Physics (our building blocks) there is no thing as free will. Hence, mental states are just the splashing effects of our determinate bio-physical properties that are governed by the fixed laws of chemistry and physics.

The Astonishing Hypothesis is that "You," your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules

1 Francis Crick, The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY, 1993, p. 3.

Marky said...

KT - yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I sometimes feel like this so I just wanted to here others testimony on this issue. But thats a good way to deal with it tho, giving 1000% until then next obstacle pops up.

Bad Abbot - WOW! You are right man. To each his own man, and its cool that despite your beliefs you can still grasp the idea that i'm trying to relay. You're totally right about the entire human revelation. There are MANY loop holes in the ideology of LiFe but eh, Im not gonna STRESS out trynna figure them out lol. Goo dread man, most def!


Lady A said...

Your thoughts turn into things! So you should only think great things!

What you focus and think about you attract! So you should only think about what you want, rather than what you don't want.

As you stated God doesn't make mistakes so there is always something to learn and appreciate from every person you meet and every situation you're in. God is probably giving your rest now, because you will have very little of it in the days to come :) Use the time to be present and aware and conscious of what gifts God has to give. If you have any feelings of doubt, worry, anger, frustration, anxiety then that is not God and you will miss your gift sent at that particular time, because you were thinking about the above low energies.

Your emotional state is a barometer of your connection with the Universe. If you are happy you are in harmony, if you are any of those other things you need to tune your thoughts to something that will make you happy!

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change - Wayne Dyer

Barbie Bibiana said...

marky... love it...
good job on the blog lil brada

Marky said...

Lady A - VERY inspirational! People that are reading this, this is VERY insightful and useful. LoVe the quote! Im def using that quote lol. Thanx A!

Nae Nae said...

"working hard can be mistaken for struggling when thats not the case..."

the truth!

alexis b. said...

sexy <3

dylan-michael said...

damn mark didn't know you were posting up some substantial, existential stuff. it's refreshing to hear some honest & coherent thoughts from an artist. if you put this kind of thought into a post, i'd like to see the kind of effort you put in to a track.

as for the post itself, i've always felt life is a toss up between faith and chance. sometimes one wins out over the other, all we can really do is put ourselves in the best possible position within the boundaries we can control. feel me?