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Coming 4.3.09

What Up!!!
You may be familiar with me, you may not. You may have heard the name before, you may've not. But just incase you haven't, allow me to bring you up to speed. My name is Marky and Im from Washington, DC. I signed to Studio43/SRC/UniversalRecords in 2008. My artistry derives from my imagination. My take to a song is whatever I feel at the time due to the music itself. I approach it like a "blank sheet of paper". I've been doing hip-hop since I was 11, and been leaping hurdles ever since. I got with Kenny Burns' Studio 43 in 2007 and released my debut mix-tape "Homework" (assisted by Judah) Sept. 1st of 2007. This is just a brief introduction of me, to you.

"Homework" - released Sept. 1, 2007
Fast-forward. After my deal, Steve Rifkind decided to allow us to release a song of mine that he'd just heard called "Sheila" as a record just to generate interest. In fact, every time I see him, he's singing "Oh, Oh sheeeeeeilaaa..." to me!!! He says its one of his all time favorite records. Thats a HUGE compliment coming from a hip-hop mogul such as himself. The response was overwhelming! So i knew I had to release something ASAP! Mind you, during this period I'm working relentlessly on my debut album as well so I wasn't really working on anything aside of that. I figured that I had to make sure Universal was SUPER-EXCITED when they heard my potential singles and other records off of the album, so my mind was occupied by that. But once Steve Rifkind sung my song to me in person, I knew that I was on the right path and now I have to give the people (fans, bloggers alike) something more to bump while Im constructing the album. This thought, lead to "Homework 4.3" with World Renown DJ Mick Boogie released May 24th, 2008. I had a ton of records in my vault that I was doing that were "coastal hip-hop" driven. Like the LA inspired "Gucci Sweats" to the early NY sound/flow hue in "Hold it Now". I also used this mix-tape to revamp the previous mixtape ("Homework") and re-birth some of those records alongside the new and fun records that I added. Idk, you be the

"Homework 4.3" w/ DJ Mick Boogie - released May 24, 2008

A month later, I found myself flying high above the country on a plane headed to sun-shine LA for the BET Awards, and a few weeks laterThe MTV Music Awards. These were my first award show attendances, and MAN, I assure you that they won't be my last! While out there I felt the vibes that Jimi Hendrix once felt ass he stroked his electric guitar, or Dr. Dre felt as he put his last synth in 'California LoVe", or Kobe and Shaq felt to win a Championship at the Staples Center. I've been to LA a few times before, but not in this degree,never as a signed artist. I had the chance to visit some of the hot spots there. Including The Supreme store, Unlimited, and many others. At The Hundreds store, I was surprised that the crew there knew who I was because of "Gucci Sweats" off of "Homework 4.3"! That tripped me out man because we're wayyyy across the country and they bumping me out here, and Im not even famous yet!WOW! This trip was most definitely enough to grind my gears into a mode to produce another mix-tape to show growth and a lil insight into my artistry. Hence, "The Drive-Thru" w/ Mick Boogie was released Sept. 8th, 2008. This mix-tape was definitely my best thus far in terms of presence and versatility. I go from the Radiohead feature "Jigsaw Falling Into Place", to a self-cross examination in "Metamorphosis". The songs are visually inspiring and artistically satisfying. I can picture me live on stage alongside a band rocking out to these records! Once be the judge

"The Drive-Thru" w/ DJ Mick Boogie - released Sept. 8, 2008

Almost a year into my record deal, 3 successful mix-tapes under my belt, and a well known name in the online music world, I am ready to release my newest project "Nothing is 43ver" - set date of release, April 3rd, 2009. This project is a more in-depth and theatrical look in to Marky, me. Im not calling this endeavor a mix-tape; its better characterized as a "Mini-Album" (not EP) because of thequality of the music and the integrity of the project. Having a record deal is a GREAT accomplishment for any artist. We all know that it is not an easy task in any way. I definitely know first hand! During the coarse of me working on my album and trying to keep my head above water in the ever-changing sea of the music industry, I encountered a lot of road-blocks and, what appeared to be, dead-ends. People have changed left and right, and even think that because "I" have a deal, then "they" have a deal hahaha - funny right? But seriously, I've been through a lot prior the deal, but now - this is what I guess Nelly and Erick Sermon was telling me when they said that, "the deal is easy part, the hard part is afterwards." I couldn't even imagine that years and years later, I'd be like, "DAMN, they were exactly right." Now, I understand why people are such ass-holes once they get in power positions and all. You almost HAVE TO BE! Especially when it's internally; your "supposed" team. I know this isn't anything new, it happens everyday in this game. I can't really express everything in-depth like I want to right now, but LUCKILY, I've constructed a MASTERPIECE for you. Respectfully titled "Nothing is 43ver". So although we go through tough times, just know that tough times doesn't last 43ver.

"Nothing is 43ver" - coming 4.3

PS - A banner is coming soon to promote the release, so expect it in your inbox soon! Attached is a "Press Release" that I did exclusively for you to have as your own. I appreciate you for reading this, aswell as your continued support!

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KT said...

after in-depth reading...i agree with alot....especially the "ALMOST HAVE TO BE AN ASSHOLE" and "HAVING PEOPLE CHANGE ON YOU LEFT AND RIGHT"...if you dont have loyalty amongst ur team and the people you have around you are wishy washy, what do u have but urself???? Surround urself with people who have their own and you will neva have to second guess their intent!!!

good read.