Monday, March 16, 2009

("Nothing is 43ver"...coming 4.3.09)

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"This record here is a heart-felt joint I did once I started to notice a change in people around me. The subtle-tone on the track embodies my state of mind. This is actually one of my favorite cuts."



Universal Records/SRC/Studio43's artist Marky from Washington, D.C. will be releasing mini-album (mixtape phase is over y'all) "Nothing is 43ver" on 4.3.09. "Delusional" is his first release off the project. This is a track that takes you on a journey through the everyday life of Marky and demonstrates his lyrical repertoire. Marky's vivid imagery along with the amazing production of label-mate AB the Producer provides an instant classic.

As we know, the DMV has definitely been an area that has increasingly been getting a buzz and Marky is one of
the key talents that shines from the DC area with a diverse flow. So, listen to the track and let it marinate, get ready for 4.3.09.

Let us know if you post up the track by sending us your link. We will definitely show you love on Marky's blog and Twitter.

Second leak, coming NEXT WEEK! Stay Tuned...

We here at 43ntourage are just as much about the fans as we are about the music.....
Enjoy the track because "Nothing is 43ver"


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