Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journey to Markyland, USA: The Rest Stop Series!!!

I like to call this re-packaging of Rest Stop 1, 2, & 3 the "just incase you missed it.." package. The songs are in order of which they were released so if you would like to skip past the old and get straight to the NEW tracks I've added - that would be the last 3! Enjoy.

I'd like to thank you for continuing to support my music and dreams. I know there's a bunch of talent thats posted on sites, or even your iPods, daily that sits right above my name or under. I'm just thankful to have made it that far in your collection.

I've also attached a "Thank You" vid in the download so be sure to check that out.

2dopeboyz, OnSmash, KevinNottingham, DjBooth, iLLVibes-DMV, & GoWhereHiphop were so instrumental helping me push my music to a broader audience across the country (and maybe even WORLD). For that, I'm truly appreciative and humbled.

Enough rappin'...O_o



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