Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MARKY - "Monsters" [VIDEO]

Guess who!?..




I've been hard at work on my debut album, HOWEVER, I've managed to put together another GREAT mixtape for your enjoyment until all is complete! The title of this project will be.........drumroll..........."@Markyland"!!!!!!!!!"
That's right! My twitter name! Chea..

Uhm, this song here is the first release from the project! Titled "Monsters" (no bite on Kanye)... produced by The MadMan! Dude is easily one of the best "all-around" producers in DC/Maryland & VA. JB & Diego had the brilliant idea to release this on Halloween, so here we are...

We shot the video when I went Ghost Hunting for the first time! It was CRAZY! Probably never do it again, but nonetheless - a FUN and INTERESTING video came of it lol.

A "Marky Scorsese" Film. O_o

I hope y'all ready..


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Anonymous said...

what is your email to submit beats to MARKY?