Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marky's Radio Promo Tour - Connecticut & Boston (12/3/10-12/4/10)

   Yesterday, I started off in Connecticut at HOT 93.7! It was Mixers Meeting where basically you get to sit with the DJ's and Radio Personalities to play them your single and introduce yourself to them. Jay Andino is our radio guy from SRC/Universal so he started things off because he knows all of the guys. Then I took the floor and explained my journey up til this point. The guys were all cool and extremely happy with the Food we sponsored :). They were partying, bouncing, and applauding to "Applaud". I was like WOW! It made me feel great inside, ya know... The one guy DJ Wrexx had me replay the record. It was great talking to all of the guys and getting to meet them all now early in my career. I know how important they are and will continue to be for my career. I'm super appreciative. Mickey Factz and Shawn Christopher also came thru a short while afterwards. It was good seeing new faces and artist on the road working trying to push to be heard by the masses.

     Love goes to Joey Franchize, DJ Craig G, DJ Wrexx, DJ Hawk, DJ KG, DJ Big Man, DJ Kurupt, Vezzy and Big Regg! The entire Hot 97.3 Family!

     After leaving the mixers meeting, we hopped in the Suburban and headed straight to Baaaaaaston! (Boston) Upon arriving, we headed straight the hotel. We were staying at the Le Meridan! Nice, right!? Lol it was def laid out! We only had time to drop our bags off and roll out. From there, we went up to Jam'N 94.5 to meet up with the DJs there. DJ Lus met us down at the door and we walked up to greet all of the rest of the guys. DJ Pup Dawg greeted us and introduced me to the rest of the squad. I took pics with everyone and did a few drops before we headed across the road for dinner at a place called Yoki. We had a great dinner while watching the Celtics play the Bulls. They were all great guys and were def encouraging to me. Oh wait! I forgot, on the way to Boston DJ Pup Dawg hit Jay and told him to "Tune in!". As soon as we turned the dial, "Applaud for that ahh..." was being mixed into a Keri Hilson record! I was on the edge of my seat! It was my first time hearing the song on the radio in person! I felt the Jackson 5 when they first heard themselves on the radio in that movie lol. Ah! Great feeling, I assure you. Ok, fast-forward to after dinner. We headed to this spot called "Whiskey Priest". DJ Vince was spinning so we went to say what up! He too played "Applaud" during his set and the ppl were partying like the knew the song, literally! It was hilarious, but it too was a great feeling. The song sounds great in the club! The bass is smooth and vibrant. It's intoxicating. I'm more of an observer at clubs since I don't drink or smoke. I just be chillin beside the DJ and laughing with Demo, Jay, & Ali. DJ Pup Dawg was taken care of us the entire night so we were good. The club-goers were all nice ppl and were having a great time dancing, hands up!

Marky and Mickey Factz

    Later on after we left, we just headed back to the room and laughed & joked around. We discussed a bunch of different topics from music, to Illuminati, to the Jellys Beans in our rooms being $6!!!! Hahaha crazy

     Today - I had an on air interview with DJ Hustle Simmons. It went great! Dude was real cool. After that, we went to eat and headed on way to CT. That's where we are now. On the ROAD!!!! lol

Marky and DJ Hustle Simmons of JAM'N 94.5 on Boston!

      Shouts to DJ Pup Dawg, DJ Lus, DJ Hustle Simmons, DJ E-Double, DJ Jaz, DJ Vince, and the interns there I met. Much love to them! The entire Hot 94.5 family!

     Next stop after Connecticut - Philly!!!!!!!!

Talk to y'all soon.



Anonymous said...

keep it up bro

Anonymous said...

Its trae

Marky said...

will do, trae - thanks

Pup said...

I just got an email from an indian kid in Alabama said that he's always wanted to be a mixer and has been following me as a dj for a while...he also told me that that he had heard about you 6months ago and thought you were real nice with it and wants you to win! We saw that we had connected he felt like he was part of the mix and emailed me your! So we need to head down to Alabama and show this kid some love soon! Keep it up Marky! You're a good dude and hard worker! You've stepped into another level in your career so keep it up and DONT STOP! We got you! Peace Pup

Marky said...

Thanks, Pup! Yeah - let's Def do that!! I'm down. I appreciate y'all - real talk.