Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Night Before my FIRST Promo Tour!

Ok - I'm going to try things a lil' different with my "blog" now. With all of these social networks and their regulations with characters you can use, I find it more efficient to just use my blog to express my journey and thoughts on my life THEN post an update on Facebook/Twitter making you guys aware of the newest & latest post. Get me? good.

I'm in route to NY via The Megabus that leaves from Chinatown. All night long while packing, I couldn't help but go thru all of my hiphop DVDs and posters that I had for inspiration. I've been pursuing this dream for so long that during the process I went from a boy to a young man. Sometimes I forget how innocence (in music) feels. Like - me only being concerned about the music part of things, ya know?... To be leaving out on my first ever Radio Tour is a GIANT leap for me. I dreamed of this since I first signed my recording contract. I worked hard to get to this point. I was so excited, that I had told Jerry (My A&R) to read me off the cities over the phone. He had refused to send me the emails that were bouncing around lol. I just wanted to see what was in "speculation" - feel me lol. Upon seeing the cities my first thought took me back to the PS2 game "NBA Street"! I figure the reason being was because the first city I noticed was Boston and I remember Boston was the first tough king opponent on the game. So random - but so what! Haha

Aight, folks - I'm on this bus kinda tired. I almost over slept this morning. Luckily, I was committed to finishing this post (thanks iPhone!). Now, Facebook cannot hold me back from posting as many paragraphs that I please. :)



Anonymous said...

Do your thing bro you already know jerz & the fatman support you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Im soooooo ready to cry!!!

Marky said...

Thank y'all!

Don't cry lol

Anonymous said...

Yea my nigg congrats on finally heading out..its been a long time comming we talked alot about you going out and doin all this and its finally time to set out and do ya thing.. have fun im proud of you brovah.. hit me wheneva u kno im always down to ride with you.. Kel