Monday, February 21, 2011


I know, I know... I released this song during my Rest Stop Series a few months back. While shooting a video for my song "Applaud", we had given the girls that were invited to be in the video the back section of the location to get ready for shooting. Ali was being "house DJ" that day as he always is and so happened to be playing my Rest Stop mix. "Silent Beauty" came on and the girls there really enjoyed the vibe of the song. Ali came over to me and said that we should go ahead and shoot a little video for it because the song needs a visual. I thought it was a great idea because it was random and pretty much a case of "using what you have on hand". I had an idea to do it in front of the green screen with Man-Man on the drums. The funny thing about it was that since Man-Man is a true drummer, he was playing so LOUD that I could barely hear the song during playback lol haha good times...

Nonetheless, here it is for your enjoyment. Boi-1da produced the beat and was cool enough to let me rock with it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Debut Single "Applaud" from MARKYLAND, USA

I think that over the past couple of years I have displayed versatility, perseverance, class, quality, confidence, and a true appreciation for the culture and well-being of Hip-Hop as we know it. My journey is unlike any other (respectively), but I mean seriously, unlike ANY other. I been doing this since I was 11. I worked with Erick Sermon at 14, Big Daddy Kane at 16, signed to The Trackboyz (out of St. Louis - did J. Kwon's "Tipsy" & Nelly's "Air Force One's") at 17, had meetings with every Major label throughout, slept outside of the buildings waiting on meetings, jumped on tables, and the whole 9. Personally, I feel these stories are not a part of anyone's grind these days. When the music game changed and went completely viral - It was made as if my struggle up until that point meant NOTHING now because of that change. It went from 'How many people have you shot or drugs you sold?' to 'How many friends do you have on myspace?' My struggle looked me back in the face and said, "Marky, welcome to the music business."

'Applaud' came about while I was actually trying to get another song played locally in a DC nightclub. I was invited out to meet with this particular DJ at this new spot that opened up. I normally don't go out that much, but I decided to go and just observe what made people feel good while in these clubs. I was evaluating my culture of people and gauging their response to the first 4 measures of each song that would play since that's how they research songs at radio. One thing I realized is that a good cadence and heavy beat of any sort could grab people's attention instantly in the club. The particular song I had at the time was definitely not that. It was a great record - it just wasn't the right record. I remember thinking to myself that in order to be accepted around the globe, I must first be accepted by my own. I wanted something that was catchy, not too cliche, but bumpin', and most of all FUN! For some reason, EVERYBODY (no matter the nationality, spirituality, or race) do a "bop" once a song come on that they like or have this certain bounce to it. I also noticed that every guy became the song that was then playing at that time! So every guy was "Big Meech" when that came on, and so forth lol. This is all the idea of "APPLAUD" to me. Ladies can dance to it, fellas can Applaud them ;). But seriously, it's that feeling of being THE MAN in the club and YOUR record comes on! Our inner most celebrity desires! To be THAT GUY for the duration of THAT ONE SONG that makes you nod your head like "yeeeeeah sucka! Im doing big things!!!" It's a feeling that's damn near too hard to describe. I just know it all too well lol, secretly. Don't we all?

Produced by The Beastaz out of St. Louis - I knew that they could pull off exactly what I had visioned from that night out. Thanks to my experience in the MidWest and being from DC - I was able to pull off a perfect club record with "a little bit of this and a little bit of that". Each and every record I do is all a part of me. I'm just bringing you guys into who I am. Very complex in my core, yet easily understood upfront. My album MARKYLAND, USA will explain it all. I'm conscious that I represent the culture and ethics of hip-hop, and what it stands for globally & domestically. I'm trying to build a very lengthy career and TODAY is Day 1!

Thanks for being a part of history.

- Marky

Preview the track here:

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marky - "IS IT COOL TO F***?" ft. XV




This record, THIS RECORD HERE! Me basically having fun with what I think are just basic male rules of engagement. That is, being on a date or chillin' with a girl that you are so attracted, picking the right moment to ask, "is it cool if I ask can we f***?" Maybe not as blunt as that, but somewhere along them lines. I never know at what point is it cool to ask a female that lol. So the trick is to throw it in there respectfully (if thats even possible). I knew we needed a feature because it sounds like one of those records. I have a short-list of artist I'd like to work with and XV was on top of that list. He came off PERFECT on it! Exactly how I imagined it would be. He's even comical in his verse, so if you want a good laugh - CRANK THIS HERE!!!!!!!

Consider this a treat for your iTunes!

More to come.

- Marky

Monday, December 13, 2010

Marky's Radio Promo Tour - VA-DC (12/9/10-12/11/10)

Leaving back out was such a surprise to me! I mean - not a surprise but it just came so quick. I celebrated my birthday on the 7th, so I only had Wed (Dec 8th) to recuperate from all of the running around prior. Since we were leaving early Thurs morning, I wasn't going to be able to get my EPK's pressed in time by the label. But me being me, I know how to get the job DONE! I succeeded in doing so.

Ali and Jay were leaving NY around 9/10am in route to DC to pick me up. That same morning I had to run to the Apple Store and Staples, then BACK home to get ready lol. We met up at a BestBuy and proceeded to Richmond, VA. There we met with DJ Lonnie B, DJ Flava, and A-Plus of Power 92.1. They really were feeling the record "Applaud" and my story on how I came to be. They were cool guys. After we left the station, we headed to Famous Dave's and just laughed and joked around. There, DJ Footz and Big Nat joined the party. We then headed to my boy DJ Gemini spot where we kicked back for a min and watched Gem tear "Applaud" to shreds! He was cutting that record with a KNIFE! lol He was DJ'ing at some spot in VA not too far from DC.

The next day we left for Norfolk, VA. I absolutely love the view/feeling when entering Norfolk. There's water on both sides of the bridge and it's just so breeeeeezy! We went straight to Ruby Tuesday's where we sat with DJ Radio Raheem, DJ Karee, & Ron Stewart (Interscope Records) joined us. I already had the chance to meet DJ Radio Raheem earlier this year with my homie Webstar on his promo run. I haven't had Ruby Tuesday's in awhile so I was excited about that lol. We discussed the current state of music and how the game is changing at a rapid rate. Good time.

We proceeded to 103 JAMZ where both DJ Karee and DJ Radio Raheem works. In the parking lot I met this production click called "Profound Sounds". They were dope! Upon entering the station, I met DJ Fountz. He was actually on air so we just crashed his show somewhat lol. He was a cool guy, funny guy too. He liked the "Applaud" record and threw it into his mix. We then did a nice interview to enlighten his listeners on who I am and what I'm about. I appreciated that.

That night, we went to party with DJ Babey Drew of 103 JAMZ at his spot that he DJ's. That was real cool. He played "Applaud" while the dance floor was crazy and the ppl reacted as if they heard it before. It seems like ppl like to be told what to do in hks (ie "drop it to the floor" etc) lol. I have this new infatuation with hearing my song in the club! fyi.

The next day in the afternoon, we set sail for Washington DC. I honestly didn't know what to expect because I've been at them stations so many times that I figured I'd go gray O_o. I was glad to see that we were scheduled to meet with DJ Nina 9 of the HipHop Nation show on XM/Serius Radio. I did a cpl drops and we kicked it for a sec in the studio. From there, we went to check in at the hotel and got prepared for that nights events. We met up with DJ Alizay at Recess where it was jammed pack! Zay had the place rockin'! He dropped and "Applaud" and again, the reaction was niiiiiiiiiice. Some ppl were even clapping to the hk and mouthing the words. Good feeling.

I'm thankful that I'm ending the year off strong! I started it that way, so it's only right I finish it that way. I have steam headed into the top of the new year. There will be no stopping this train! The music is great, done, and finished. My entire outfit is strong. I refuse to let the negativity play inside my Arena. However, I will say this - "I'm overcharging n****'s for what they did to the Cold Crush." - Jigga :)



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marky - "PUSH" (Dr. Dre "Kush" Cover)





I just started my very FIRST Radio Promo Tour and I am pumped up about my single and the music that I'll be releasing virally! Awe man, so many ideas and projects are coming your way. Of coarse they'll be neat and organized.

This is the Dr. Dre "KUSH" joint! I mean, I don't smoke so... I "PUSH" the blunt back to whomever try to pass it to me (wack? so what - its my BDAY!) lol

The beat cranks so hard - it was only right I kick off my campaign with this here! "@Markyland" mixtape is coming baby! I just have a couple of things in store for you BEFORE we get there...

I want to try this Birthday thingy a lil different - you will now be on the receiving end of the gift giving! So, Happy Birthday to us both!

Feel free to keep up with me via where I log in entries about the different ppl I'm meeting and what's going on every now and then while I'm on the road and working on the album, and stuff...

Happy Holidays! Thank you for your continued support, seriously.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marky's Radio Promo Tour - Connecticut & Boston (12/3/10-12/4/10)

   Yesterday, I started off in Connecticut at HOT 93.7! It was Mixers Meeting where basically you get to sit with the DJ's and Radio Personalities to play them your single and introduce yourself to them. Jay Andino is our radio guy from SRC/Universal so he started things off because he knows all of the guys. Then I took the floor and explained my journey up til this point. The guys were all cool and extremely happy with the Food we sponsored :). They were partying, bouncing, and applauding to "Applaud". I was like WOW! It made me feel great inside, ya know... The one guy DJ Wrexx had me replay the record. It was great talking to all of the guys and getting to meet them all now early in my career. I know how important they are and will continue to be for my career. I'm super appreciative. Mickey Factz and Shawn Christopher also came thru a short while afterwards. It was good seeing new faces and artist on the road working trying to push to be heard by the masses.

     Love goes to Joey Franchize, DJ Craig G, DJ Wrexx, DJ Hawk, DJ KG, DJ Big Man, DJ Kurupt, Vezzy and Big Regg! The entire Hot 97.3 Family!

     After leaving the mixers meeting, we hopped in the Suburban and headed straight to Baaaaaaston! (Boston) Upon arriving, we headed straight the hotel. We were staying at the Le Meridan! Nice, right!? Lol it was def laid out! We only had time to drop our bags off and roll out. From there, we went up to Jam'N 94.5 to meet up with the DJs there. DJ Lus met us down at the door and we walked up to greet all of the rest of the guys. DJ Pup Dawg greeted us and introduced me to the rest of the squad. I took pics with everyone and did a few drops before we headed across the road for dinner at a place called Yoki. We had a great dinner while watching the Celtics play the Bulls. They were all great guys and were def encouraging to me. Oh wait! I forgot, on the way to Boston DJ Pup Dawg hit Jay and told him to "Tune in!". As soon as we turned the dial, "Applaud for that ahh..." was being mixed into a Keri Hilson record! I was on the edge of my seat! It was my first time hearing the song on the radio in person! I felt the Jackson 5 when they first heard themselves on the radio in that movie lol. Ah! Great feeling, I assure you. Ok, fast-forward to after dinner. We headed to this spot called "Whiskey Priest". DJ Vince was spinning so we went to say what up! He too played "Applaud" during his set and the ppl were partying like the knew the song, literally! It was hilarious, but it too was a great feeling. The song sounds great in the club! The bass is smooth and vibrant. It's intoxicating. I'm more of an observer at clubs since I don't drink or smoke. I just be chillin beside the DJ and laughing with Demo, Jay, & Ali. DJ Pup Dawg was taken care of us the entire night so we were good. The club-goers were all nice ppl and were having a great time dancing, hands up!

Marky and Mickey Factz

    Later on after we left, we just headed back to the room and laughed & joked around. We discussed a bunch of different topics from music, to Illuminati, to the Jellys Beans in our rooms being $6!!!! Hahaha crazy

     Today - I had an on air interview with DJ Hustle Simmons. It went great! Dude was real cool. After that, we went to eat and headed on way to CT. That's where we are now. On the ROAD!!!! lol

Marky and DJ Hustle Simmons of JAM'N 94.5 on Boston!

      Shouts to DJ Pup Dawg, DJ Lus, DJ Hustle Simmons, DJ E-Double, DJ Jaz, DJ Vince, and the interns there I met. Much love to them! The entire Hot 94.5 family!

     Next stop after Connecticut - Philly!!!!!!!!

Talk to y'all soon.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Night Before my FIRST Promo Tour!

Ok - I'm going to try things a lil' different with my "blog" now. With all of these social networks and their regulations with characters you can use, I find it more efficient to just use my blog to express my journey and thoughts on my life THEN post an update on Facebook/Twitter making you guys aware of the newest & latest post. Get me? good.

I'm in route to NY via The Megabus that leaves from Chinatown. All night long while packing, I couldn't help but go thru all of my hiphop DVDs and posters that I had for inspiration. I've been pursuing this dream for so long that during the process I went from a boy to a young man. Sometimes I forget how innocence (in music) feels. Like - me only being concerned about the music part of things, ya know?... To be leaving out on my first ever Radio Tour is a GIANT leap for me. I dreamed of this since I first signed my recording contract. I worked hard to get to this point. I was so excited, that I had told Jerry (My A&R) to read me off the cities over the phone. He had refused to send me the emails that were bouncing around lol. I just wanted to see what was in "speculation" - feel me lol. Upon seeing the cities my first thought took me back to the PS2 game "NBA Street"! I figure the reason being was because the first city I noticed was Boston and I remember Boston was the first tough king opponent on the game. So random - but so what! Haha

Aight, folks - I'm on this bus kinda tired. I almost over slept this morning. Luckily, I was committed to finishing this post (thanks iPhone!). Now, Facebook cannot hold me back from posting as many paragraphs that I please. :)